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How to Enable Schedule Sync for a In-person Event in Zuddl

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Event sessions can be scheduled in the Schedule venue. The status of each session is updated according to the Schedule, but it can also be manually changed by organizers on the Stage venue.
By keeping Schedule Sync on, the status of a session is updated according to any changes made by organizers on the Stage. This allows organizers to accommodate any time delays or extensions. When Schedule Sync is off, the Schedule shows the session statuses according to the planned Schedule.
To enable Schedule Sync:
  1. On the Zuddl dashboard, select your event from the event listing page.
  2. On the event setup page, go to Settings.
  3. Toggle on Schedule Sync.

    Schedule Sync.png

Schedule Sync is toggled on by default for all new events.

Attendee side

Attendees can click on the Schedule tab and view the session details.

Schedule sync on

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