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How to Enable Offline Payment for an In-person Event in Zuddl

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Offline payment is helpful in cases where you need to buy passes for your team or employees, where payments can be collected over email invoices received by your event attendees.


Before you start setting up, ensure that the following prerequisites have been met:

  • The offline payment feature is only available for events with a flexible registration style and thus requires you to add the “Flex registration” widget to your landing page.
  • This feature is available only with the Stripe merchant account
  • You must have the online payment method enabled to use the offline payment method.

Enabling offline payment

To enable offline payments:

  1. Toggle on Enable offline payments for your events under Offline payment. Defaults to off.

  1. Select the payment methods you wish to show for the ‘Pay by invoice’ method in the payment screen.
    1. Cash: select this option to allow cash payments for the tickets
    2. Check: select this option to allow check payment for the tickets. To show the payee details to the attendees, enter the following fields:
      1. Payee name: Name of the receiver
      2. Bank name: Receiver’s bank name
      3. Address: Receiver’s address

    3. Bank transfer: select this option to allow bank transfers. To show the recipient's bank details, enter the following details:
      1. Account holder name: Name of the account holder
      2. Bank name: Account holder’s bank
      3. Branch/Location: Account holder bank branch
      4. Routing number: Routing number for bank identification within the United States
      5. SWIFT code: For international bank identification

  2. Click Save

Important: The Send Invoice out to customers toggle should be turned on.

Payment flow

Let’s take the example of an employer (an organizer) buying tickets on behalf of employees (attendees).

  1. On the payment details page, enter the contact details and select the ‘Pay by Invoice’ button as shown below:

  2. Click on the Pay by Invoice button and view the payment method details. In this example, the bank and check details are shown as per the settings configured.
  3. When the user clicks on the Make payment button, the order successful page is shown.

A Ticket purchase confirmation email with an attached invoice PDF is also sent to the attendee email address. On the order success page, you can click the Resend invoice button to resend the invoice to the attendee.

Important: Ensure that all required communication emails for attendees are turned on to trigger all such communication to the attendees.

Zuddl still sends all reminders and other event-related communications even when the invitee has not paid against the ticket invoice.

Viewing transactions

You can view the transaction status under the Transactions page in the Zuddl dashboard. Till the payment is complete, the transaction status is shown as Pending.

If no payment was made for a transaction, you can click on a transaction and click Send payment reminder button to remind the attendee to make the payment.

This email trigger does not require you to toggle on any email communication.

You can also take other actions, such as Edit order, Resend invoice, or Cancel order by clicking the three-dot more option icon.

After the user successfully pays for the ticket(s), you can click the Mark as paid button to mark the ticket as paid. In the settings page, enter the following:

  • Offline payment method: The actual method of payment by the attendee. Select either Cash, Check, Bank transfer. Defaults to Bank transfer.

For Bank Transfer

The settings for the bank transfer payment method are as shown below:

  • Payment date: Select the date when the payment was successfully made from the date picker
  • Bank name: The name of the bank. Only for bank transfers.
  • Reference number: Transaction reference number. Only for bank transfers
  • Add a note (optional): A text box to add more information

For Check Payment

The settings for the check payment method are as shown below:

  • Payment date: Select the date when the payment was successfully made from the date picker
  • Check number: The name of the bank. Only for bank transfers.
  • Payee name: The receiver of the payment
  • Bank name: The name of the bank from which the check was issued
  • Add a note (optional): A text box to add more information

For Cash Payment

The settings for the cash payment method are as shown below:

  • Payment date: Select the date when the payment was successfully made from the date picker
  • Add a note (optional): A text box to add more information

Now, the transaction moves from Pending to Received status by clicking the Mark as paid button. The transaction details page shows all payment-related information:

  • Transaction date: The date of successful transaction
  • Invoice no.: The unique identifier for the invoice
  • PSP: The payment reference number

Zuddl automatically sends payment receipts to the attendees. However, you can now resend payment receipts to the attendee from the more options. A sample receipt is shown below:

You can also click Edit order from the more options to edit the order details, Download invoice, and Download receipts.

We recommend that you keep a fixed last payment date for the invitees so that any cancelation can be made for the unpaid tickets.

Zuddl does not handle refund/dispute-related processing at its end.

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