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How to Create Polls for a Zuddl Webinar

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Go to Engagement > Enable Polls.

Enabling Polls under Engagement

Once enabled,

Enter your webinar and click on Polls on the right side. You will see the list of Poll Drafts.

Polls panel on the right side

To create a new Poll

Click on Create Poll at the bottom.

Creating a new poll

You'll see a pop-up that asks for Poll details.

Adding poll details

By default, you get to add two options.

Filling up details

Click on the Add Option to include another choice.

Adding another Option

Once added, you can either Publish the Poll live or save it as a draft. If you keep the Poll as a Draft, you can pin it during the webinar. If you click on Save Draft, it will get added to the Draft list:

Adding a Poll to drafts

If you click on 'Publish Poll,' you'll get a pop-up that confirms your publish request:

Confirming to publish a Poll

Once you click on Publish, it will be pushed to the Published List:

If you click on 'Publish,' you'll see it live. If a Poll is published, all attendees will be able to see it.

Viewing Published polls

Managing Polls Backstage

It is recommended to manage your Polls from the Engagement Tab inside your Backstage Studio itself. Click on Engage > Polls, and you'll be able to access the same poll in your Studio.

Engage tab inside Studio to manage polls

Pinning a Poll on Screen

For any Published Poll, click 'Pin on Screen' and have the poll be visible on your video.

Ensure you've hidden your banners before pinning a poll; otherwise, your banner will coincide with your pinned content.

Pinning a poll on screen

Additional actions

If you click on the three-dot menu on a poll, you'll see some additional actions:

Closing or Hiding the poll

'Close' vs 'Close & Hide'

If you choose 'Close Poll,' it will be closed for submissions but still be visible to attendees. If you choose 'Close & Hide' then the poll would disappear completely.

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