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Bulk Registration using Looping

7 mins read

You can utilize bulk registration with looping if you’re hosting a big event with let’s say more than 2000 registrants. Having lerger audience, gets difficult to process all registrants at once and do some operation for them. You can use this workflow to fetch older registration.

Based on your configuration on Zapier, in 10 seconds, you can run a maximum of 200 steps.

To capture new registrations on Zapier in batches, you need to create a new Zap and do the following:

1. Choose app & event

  1. Search for a schedule trigger to start the loop for fetching registrations in batches at a specific time interval. For example, let’s take ‘Schedule by Zapier’ as a trigger.

  2. Under Event, select a suitable time interval for the workflow to be executed say, Every Hour and click Continue. Similarly, you can configure other settings based on your requirements.


2. Add Looping by Zapier

  1. Click the + icon on the workflow and add Looping by Zapier.
  2. Under Event, select Create Looping From Numbers and click Continue.
  3. Enter the following:
    1. Loop iteration counter start: From where you want to start. For example, to fetch registrations from the beginning, you need to specify this as 0.
    2. Loop iteration counter end: From where you want to start, Say (100 gives 100 results).
    3. Loop iteration counter increment amount: how many records you want in one iteration, so 1 to 101, 101 to 201, 201 to 301.
    4. Maximum number of Loop iterations.
      The maximum limit or Loop iteration counter increment amount is 200.

3. Add an Action

  1. On the new Change action page, search for the Zuddl app and click on the required Zuddl app. Refer to the table for the app versions and their supported features.

  2. Under App & event, select ‘Bulk Registration’ and click Continue.

  3. Under the Account section, you need to authenticate your organization. Click Sign in to initialize the authentication process.

  4. Under Action, enter the Zuddl Event Id from the dashboard**.**

  5. Specify an Offset. Use the Insert Data modal to insert Loop iteration.

  6. Specify a Limit. The number of registrations you wish to receive in a batch. This should be based on your Zapier plan.

  7. Under Should this step be considered a ‘success’ when nothing is found?, select No.

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