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Zuddl's event mobile app streamlines the event experience of your in-person/hybrid attendees. Enjoy seamless access to information, effortless venue navigation, engaging connections with fellow attendees, and deeper dives into event content – all wrapped in a beautiful, on-brand app.

Enhance your event and empower your attendees with the Zuddl Event Mobile app. With the features of the event mobile app, the in-person event experience can be improved and ensure that attendees can access information, navigate the physical venue, connect with others, and engage with the event's content and activities effectively.
The mobile app is available for Flex events as of now.

Set up an event

  1. Login to your Zuddl dashboard to create an event, and choose Flex as the registration style. Learn more about creating an event.

  2. Go to Portal setup and click on Mobile app.

    This redirects you to the setup page.

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