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How to Customize the Menu Item

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A menu item is an option or entry in the app's navigation that users can use to access a specific page. Menu items are typically organized in a list or grid format and are accessible through a navigation menu. It is a crucial element that contributes to a positive user experience by making it easy for users to find what they need. It’s important to keep menus simple, intuitive, and consistent throughout the app to avoid any confusion.

By default, the Menu section comprises My Event, which includes My Inbox, My Meetings, and Meeting Requests pages. You can customize the Menu to add standard or custom pages.


To customize the menu:

  1. Click on the + button beside Menu to:

    • Add a new menu section with name: adds a new menu section or category with a name in the menu navigation.
    • Add a new menu section without a name: adds a new menu section without a name.

  2. In this example, select the Add a menu section option, and a new section “untitled” gets added under the My Event section.

  3. Click on the triple dot option to Edit or Delete the section.

  4. Select the Edit option to name the section.

  5. Now, if you hover on Your event section, the whole section gets highlighted.

  6. Click on the + button to Add a page or Add a sub-menu under this section.

  7. Select Add a sub-menu.

  8. Select an Icon and enter a name for the Submenu.

    Within a section, you can have more than one sub-menus. The sub-menu cannot be within a sub-menu; it can only have pages.

  9. Click on the new sub-menu. This opens a right-side drawer pane opens that shows details to edit.

  10. Click + Add sub-page button to add pages within the Sub-menu. This redirects you to the page selection screen. Learn more about adding a page.

  11. Similarly, you can add a section without a name in the Menu as shown in step 1.

    This adds a new section named (hidden) to the list of Menu item.

  12. Hover the cursor on hidden sections and click on the + button to add pages and sub-menus to the section.

  13. Click on the Add page option, to add standard or custom pages to the section. Learn more about adding pages.

    The pages within Navigation and Menu items can be edited, deleted, or hidden on the app.

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