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Create and Manage Custom Tasks

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You can also add tasks that are custom to your event which are not a part of the standard tasks. 
To create a custom task:
  1. Go to the Manage tasks tab
  2. Click on +Create custom task button.

    If you have already created tasks, click the Add new task button and select Create a custom task.

  3. On the Create new task screen, enter the following
    1. Task title. Enter a task title of up to 100 characters that helps speakers identify the task 
    2. Enter a task Description. A task description helps speakers understand the task better.
    3. Specify a Due by date. From the date picker, choose a date by which the speaker is expected to complete the assigned task.

    4.  Optional. You can click on the +Add another field button to add new fields for this task. This shows field details form
      1. Enter a field name.
      2. Specify a response Type. Choose from
        • Text response
        • Upload file
      3. Enter a Text limit. Defaults to 2000.
      4. Optional. Select the Mandatory checkbox if this is a mandatory task field for the speaker. If mandatory, the task doesn't get completed until the field is responded to. 

    5. Under the Assign to step, click Select speaker link. This opens the speaker selection screen. 
      1. On the Select speaker screen, select a speaker to assign and choose a session. 
      2. Select a session from the Sessions dropdown. This option shows up for session-related tasks.
      3. Choose a Due by date from the date picker. The Due by date is the date by which the speaker is expected to finish the task. By default, the Due by date is set to the next date at the same time.

        You can go with the default Due date for all speakers or set a custom due date for each speaker. You can also Reset to default from a custom date.
      4. Click Confirm selection.
    6. Optional. Select the Assign this task to speakers added later checkbox to assign this task available for speakers added henceforth.
    7. Optional. Select the This task needs to be reviewed checkbox. By enabling this option, tasks submitted by speakers will go through a review cycle before it get completed. Learn how speakers submit tasks for review.
    8. Click Create task button at the top. This adds the custom task to the list of tasks (both standard and custom).

To Edit or Delete the custom task, click the more option to do so.

View/review a response

After the speaker submits a task, it shows on the dashboard as ‘Needs review’. Additionally, a banner alerts organizer of the review request as shown below:

Click on Custom task and select the speaker whose task you need to review. This takes you to the Task details page. Where you review completed tasks or download uploaded materials.

If satisfied with the task, you can click the Mark as completed button to mark the task as completed

To request for a re-submission:

  1. Click the Request re-submission button

  2. On the form, Add a note for speakers and enter a due date.

  3. Select/clear Send mail if you want to email speaker about this request.

  4. The resubmission is shown on the task details page as shown below:

Points to remember:
- A task for which a resubmission is requested, the status changes from Needs review to Resubmission required.
- A task for which a resubmission is requested, the status changes from Needs review to Resubmission required.

Task reminders:
You can also send task reminders to speaker as explained in the standard task creation doc.

- Reminders can be sent at task level to all speakers or at individual speaker-level. - Zuddl also sends a weekly reminders on Monday 7 AM UTC


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