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Editing the Portal

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The speaker portal is where your speakers view their assigned tasks and update the task status. 

Editing the portal

To edit the speaker portal, click the Edit portal link on the speaker portal settings page. This takes you to the portal editor page.

The portal editor is split into two sections; on the left, you can do your settings, upload logos, etc. On the right, you can preview the actual portal site. The changes you make appears on the preview screen in real-time. 

On the preview pane, click the Preview button at the bottom to open the portal in a new tab.


Branding your speaker portal allows you to set a consistent tone inline with your company.
To brand your speaker portal
  1. Choose a Primary color. Default to Zuddl purple (#843DF5 ).
  2. Choose a suitable Text color that goes with the primary color. Default to white (#FFFFFF).
  3. Under Logos and banner
    1. Upload a Header logo of up to 4MB with dimension 1080 X 1080 in png, jpeg, jpg, gif format.
    2. Upload a Banner image. A banner image is the landscape scaled out image that acts as a banner for the portal site.

  4. Under App font, choose a available Font family from the dropdown.
    Alternatively, if you could not find your font family in the list, you can upload your font family as a ZIP file. Ensure that the zip file contains your fonts in either OTF or TTF format for maximum compatibility. 

    After uploading, enter a Font name for the font family.


You can enable/disable sections to be shown on the portal. These sections constitute a layout. Under Sections, you can customize what to show on the portal.
  1. Toggle on My session and configure the related settings. Defaults to on
    1. Choose the required actions that the speakers must perform. Select the following tasks:
      • Upload documents
      • Create polls
    2. Toggle on Tasks.

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