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How to do a Partial Cancel/Refund for a Transaction for a Virtual Event

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When canceling or refunding a transaction, you can now choose which part to cancel or refund instead of reverting the entire transaction. This is helpful when a transaction includes multiple tickets or add-ons, giving you finer control over the action.


To cancel or refund any transaction, the event has to be a flex event.

Follow these steps to cancel or refund a transaction:

  1. In the event setup, go to Registration > Ticketing. Click on the Transactions tab to see the list of transactions.

  2. From the list, click on the transaction you want to cancel or refund.

  3. Click the More Options button (3-dot icon) on the right to open the menu. In the menu, click Cancel/refund.

  4. In the Cancellations and refunds form, you can now choose what action to take:

    1. To only cancel part of the transaction, select the Cancel checkbox.
    2. To only refund part of the transaction, select the Refund checkbox.
    3. To perform both actions for this transaction - cancel and refund, select both checkboxes.
  5. Select the tickets or add-ons that you want to cancel or refund by checking their boxes on the left.

  6. (Only if issuing a refund) Under Refund amount, enter the amount to be refunded for the selected tickets or add-ons. By default, this is set to the amount paid by the purchaser.

  7. Under Reason for cancellation, select a reason from the drop-down menu.

  8. Add a note to share any additional information. This note is visible to the purchaser.

  9. Click Proceed.

  10. In the popup, you can view the summary of your selected action. Review the details before continuing, and click Cancel & refund.

  11. The transaction is now updated with a new status (based on your selected actions) and you can review the details on the transaction details page. A refund invoice is automatically generated and shared with the purchaser.

    You can also download the invoice for the refund from the Transaction history section, or the download button under Invoice no.

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