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How to Add and Use In-person Locations for your Hybrid Event

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For Hybrid and In-person events on Zuddl, you can now add in-person locations to the event setup and use them for sessions or meetings.

Apart from the location name, you can also include a map link to help your attendees find the location.

Adding a location

  1. In the event setup, go to Venue Setup > Locations and click Add location.

    Add Location

  2. In the Add location modal, enter a Name for the location and a Map link to help attendees navigate.

    Set up the location

  3. Click the Add Location button to save this as a location.
  4. You can now view the added locations and use them in the event setup.

    Added locations

  5. To make changes to the added location, click the more options button to view the Edit and Delete buttons.

    Edit a saved location

Using an in-person location

After adding in-person locations, you can now use them in different sections of the event setup.

Assigning a location for sessions

Follow these steps to use an added location for an event session:
  1. In the event setup, go to Venue Setup > Schedule.
  2. Click Add session to start scheduling a new session.

    Add new session

  3. Enter the session details.

    Enter session details

  4. Click Session location to open the dropdown and select a location from the list.

    Choose location for the session

  5. Click Save to add this session to the event schedule. The selected location is now shown in the schedule with the session name.

    Session shown in the Schedule with location details

Assigning a location for expo booths

Follow these steps to use an added location for an expo booth:
  1. In the event setup, go to Venue Setup > Expo.
  2. Click Add booth.

    Add new expo booth

  3. Enter the booth details and assign a booth owner.

    Set up booth details

  4. Click Booth location to view the added locations, and choose the location to assign from the list.

    Choose a location for the booth

  5. Click Save to add the booth to your event.
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