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How to Set Up a 1:1 Meeting for a Hybrid Event in Zuddl

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Zuddl allows attendees to schedule 1:1 or private meetings with each other by directly sending invites to the recipients.
If ticket types are added, only Attendees with a ticket type that has a private room enabled can send invites for 1:1 meetings.
To enable 1:1 meetings:
  1. Go to Venue Setup > Engagement.
  2. Turn on 1:1 Meeting toggle button inside the card.


  3. Select a meeting duration from the Set meeting duration dropdown.

1:1 Meeting is turned off by default with a duration of 15 minutes.

From the live event, attendees can set up a private meeting from the Rooms venue. The attendee can define the day and the time for the meeting. The meeting duration will be the same as configured on the dashboard.

Set up a new meeting

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