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How to Customize your Email Calendar Invites for a Virtual Event

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Using calendar blocks registrants can set aside a designated time slots for your event/webinar and help them know when they need to join the event.

This is especially useful for multi-day events. You can also customize the calendar invites to configure the start and end time for each day at the time of creating an event.

This setting will work if:
- Multi-day event is configured. Learn how to configure multi-day event.
- Calendar block is enabled for the required emails. Learn how to configure emails.

To customize calendar blocks: 
  1. Log in to your Zuddl dashboard.
  2. Go to Communication > Calendar invites.
    There are two types of calendar blocks
    1. Event-wide block: A single calendar block for the entire duration of the event
    2. Day-wise block: Blocks appear as per the event days for which the attendee has access
  3. Add an invite description. The invite description shows in every calendar block. This replaces the default event description sent in the invites. If there is no invite description, event description appears in the calendar block.  

Event-wide block

An event-wide calendar block is the default and single calendar block for the entire duration of the event. An example event-wide is shown below:

All series-level communication will go event-wide.
When the end-user clicks on the link Add to Calendar - Yahoo, Google, Yahoo, Apple from the email, it always adds an event-wide block.

Day-wise calendar block

Day-wise blocks appear as per the event days for which the attendee has access. This requires at least one day’s time to be changed from the default time.

An example of a day-wise calendar block is shown below:

Day-wise calendar would not work for more than 6-days. If the number of days have been increased, day-wise settings will change to event-wide.
Screenshot 2024-06-20 at 7.57.40 AM.png
Switching calendar blocks

- Changing from event-wide to day-wise will also update the attendee calendar blocks only if you resend the required emails.

- Changing the timezone will change the day-wise time to default.
Event Series:
- For event series, the Google calendar settings must always be From everyone, else the calendar block will not work.

- Event-level communication in a series event can be set to go day-wise.

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