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How to Add a Query Parameter

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In this article, you will learn how to add URL query parameters to obtain desirable results during Zuddl registration.

How to add query params

To any URL, query parameters can be added in this format:¶meter2=value2

Everything after? are the query parameter elements. The table below explains the elements:

Elements Description
? Indicates the start of the query
Parameter The parameter name using which you wish to filter or organize your content.
Value The parameter value. Starts with ‘=’ sign. 
Value shouldn’t be in double quotes and you can append only one value for a given key. 
&Separator added between two parameter-value entries.

Ensure that the parameter and its value is of the original case as URL encoders are often case sensitive.

Zuddl Parameters

The Zuddl-specific parameter is explained in the table below:

Parameter Value/Description
ticket_id Used to show a particular ticket. Accepts the alphanumeric ticket id as value.

For example,
coupon Accepts the coupon code (for example ’GETOFF200’) as value.

For example,
skip_ticketing Accepts true or false. Default to false.

The order of query parameters does not matter while appending to the URL.


`ticket_id` Value `skip_ticketing` Value `coupon` Value URL format Behavior
Hidden/locked Not present/false Coupon code is applicable for the ticket Ticket is auto-selected and coupon is applied
Hidden/locked/Incorrect Not present/false Not applicable/Not present User still will be allowed to select other tickets
Id is incorrect true Not present User is not allowed to select other tickets and shown the invalid link error
Not present Not present Present Will show all public tickets and all locked/hidden tickets applicable for the coupon

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