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How to Use the Portal as a Sponsor

3 mins read

As a sponsor, you can use the portal to edit your profile, complete tasks assigned by the organizer, manage your sessions and review the analytics, add lead capture fields and app users, and review lead capture data.

Follow these steps to use the Sponsor portal:

  1. As a sponsor, you can use the invite email to directly access the portal, using the Go to portal button. Screenshot_2024-05-09_at_6.58.20_PM.png
  1. In the Sponsor portal, you can review your profile, your Sponsored sessions, and assigned Tasks. Screenshot_2024-05-20_at_6.30.57_PM-min.png
  1. You can edit your profile by clicking the Edit sponsor profile button. Click Save to save your changes. Screenshot_2024-05-20_at_6.31.42_PM-min.png
  1. To mark any pending task as completed, click the three-dot menu and click Mark as completed. Screenshot_2024-05-20_at_6.32.14_PM.png
  1. In the Sponsored sessions section, click on “View details” button on any of the sessions that you are speaking at, and upload the session resources.

    Scroll down to Session analytics to view the data for your session. Screenshot_2024-05-20_at_6.34.35_PM.png

  2. You can review the fields and questions for the lead capture app users in Lead capture questions. To add a new lead capture field with questions, click + Add new field. The field types are: - Short answer: For short text responses. - Dropdown: To choose from a dropdown list. - Multi-select: To choose one or more from multiple options. - Rating: For a rating response out of 5 stars. - Radio: To choose only one from multiple options. - Disclaimer: To add a disclaimer text. Screenshot_2024-05-20_at_6.41.27_PM.png
  3. In Manage app access, you can review the people who have access to the lead capture app. To grant people access as app users, click + Add app users and enter their information (Name and Email). Screenshot_2024-05-20_at_6.45.00_PM.png
  4. The Lead capture data section shows all the saved leads and their details. To see the full list of leads and download the data as a CSV, click View all lead capture data. You can also update a lead here. Screenshot_2024-05-20_at_6.48.26_PM.png
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