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How to Setup Speaker Emails for a Zuddl Webinar

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The email templates available for speakers have fewer options than for attendees, since speakers don't need to register for the webinar.

You can find the speaker email templates on the Communication page > Speaker emails tab.

setting up Speaker Emails

Speaker email templates

Here are the different email templates available for speakers:

Template nameDescriptionDefault State
Webinar InvitationSent to attendees when you add them from the organizer dashboard.Off
Reminder ~ 1 Day to GoSent one day before the webinar. Time-based trigger. Based on webinar date & time.Off
Reminder ~ 1 Hour to GoSent one hour before the webinar. Based on webinar date & time.Off
Thank You for Coming!Sent 2 hours after the webinar has ended. Based on webinar date & time.Off
Webinar canceledSent if and when the webinar is canceled.On
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