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How to Duplicate a Webinar in Zuddl

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Webinars on Zuddl can be duplicated — you can have a nearly identical replica to edit and use as a new webinar.
Duplicated webinars have most of the setup intact from the original, and you can edit them like regular webinars.

Duplicated webinars are automatically scheduled 48 hours after the time of duplication.

Duplication can be helpful for cases where you want to create a new webinar by editing an older one or if you want to re-use a canceled webinar.

Changes in the duplicated webinar

Some settings cannot be copied and need to be applied again in the duplicated webinar. Here are these settings:

List of changes

IntegrationsNot copiedIntegrations need to be configured for the duplicated webinar.
Registration pageCopiedWebinar registration pages are copied
Custom fields in the Registration FormCopiedCustom fields in the form are copied.
Attendees and SpeakersNot copiedAll attendees and speakers need to be invited again.
CommunicationCopiedAll emails are copied but are toggled off by default.

Duplicating a webinar

To duplicate a webinar:
  1. Click the options button on the webinar listing.

    The options button

  2. Click Duplicate webinar.

    Duplicate webinar button

  3. The duplicated webinar is now added to the listing page.
Duplicated webinar in the list

You can now edit the duplicated webinar and host it like a regular webinar.

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