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How to Set up a Booth for a Virtual Event in Zuddl

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To set up an expo booth, go to Venue Setup > Expo.  A booth can be created in two ways:
  • Create Expo Zones: create Expo Zones and later add booths inside each zones.
  • Add Booths directly: create Booths without Expo Zones. Visitors directly arrive on the booth listing screen after clicking Expo in the main menu

Expo zones without any booths are not visible to event participants.

Add a Booth.png

Add a Booth

Zuddl lets you create booths in three different sizes, Large, Medium, and Small. To add a new booth in the expo
  1. Click Add Booth.

    Add Booth Button.png

  2. Enter a suitable Booth name of up to 50 characters. Booth names are displayed to the visitors.

    Add Booth Form.png

  3. Assign booth owners from the Booth owners dropdown. Type their name to begin searching through the invited attendees. Booth owners can edit or customize the booth, join the live booth, and interact with visitors.
  4. Add a brief description of the booth (of up to 100 characters) in the Booth Description field. This is displayed to the visitors.
  5. Select an appropriate booth card size (Large, Medium, and Small) from the Booth size dropdown. Booth cards are shown on the booth listing page.
  6. Select the appropriate option from the Booth Layout dropdown. A Booth Type defines a booth experience in terms of the layout and interaction. Zuddl provides two distinct Booth Types:
    1. Normal: Normal booths can be set up by uploading a booth image and adding widgets over the background image. Normal booths are a common choice for expos. An example of a regular booth is shown below:

      Normal Booth.png
    2. Immersive: Immersive booths are interactive in nature and provide certain additional features over the regular booth. In an immersive booth, visitors can zoom in/out on the added photo/video widgets.

      Immersive Booth.png
  7. To assign this booth to a particular zone, choose one from the Booth Zone dropdown. This is required only when you have set up Expo Zones.
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