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How to Add a Custom Email Address for a Zuddl Account

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As attendees stay excited about your next event, you can make them feel more connected by sending event emails directly from your own custom email address. This option is handy when using the Communications feature in the event setup dashboard for sending event-specific emails.

Learn how to use the Communication tool in Zuddl.

Transactional emails, such as emails with verification codes, will still be sent by Zuddl.

Add a custom email address

Custom email addresses can be added only by Zuddl account owners and admins. Moderators and other team members cannot add custom email addresses.
To add an email address,
  1. On the common dashboard, go to Settings, and under the Email addresses tab, click the +Add email address button.

The email address list shows the default email address by Zuddl; in verified status. This also includes and, depending on the email type.

  1. On the Add a new sender email, enter the following:
    1. Email address
    2. (Optional) Reply to email. Enter the email address that should be able to receive event-specific emails; you can enter a different or the exact address here.

The Reply to email cannot be a no-reply email address.

  1. Click Continue. This takes the user to the verification step.
  2. On the Verify your domain window, copy the CNAME records, Hostname, and Value and paste it in your DNS settings.

  3. Click the Verify record button. Zuddl may take up to 72 hours to verify and update, depending on your host. If the verification fails, you must fix the errors and revert.

    For a successful verification, all three host records must be added to your DNS. Failure to add any one record in your DNS results in an unverified email address.  

Once the email is verified, it shows the status as Verified.

Once an email address of a specific domain is verified, all email addresses with the same domain can be easily added.

More options

For the newly added email addresses, you can take the following actions:
  • Make default: Make the newly added email the default email.
  • View DNS records: View the DNS records which show the CNAME records.
  • Delete: Delete the email address.

More Options.png

Once you have configured your sender email addresses, you can now customize emails from the Communications menu.


When adding a CNAME, most DNS accepts the hostname that you’ve copied and pasted from Zuddl (for example, ""). However, some DNS requires you to remove the top-level domain and enter only the name part.

This can turn a CNAME for "" into "".

Ensure that you follow the correct convention on the existing records in your DNS panel when adding new ones, as sometimes you will only need to add what is to the left of the top-level domain. For example in GoDaddy,

  • For you should be adding only ex0123 as the name
  • For you should be adding only zdl._domainkey as the name
  • For add only zdl2._domainkey as the name
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