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How to Create and Manage Tickets for a Virtual Event in Zuddl

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Zuddl enables you to create tickets for your event using the ticketing tool. You can either create tickets before you start editing the registration flow or initiate the ticketing flow from the flow builder.


Before you create a ticket, you must set up a payment gateway first.

Adding Tickets

  1. If you haven’t added the tickets yet, click on the Add tickets button to initiate the ticket creation process.

    This takes you to the Ticket tab under Registration on your dashboard.

The ticket creation process involves two main steps:

  • Adding ticket details
  • Configure ticket access

Adding ticket details

Under the Ticket details tab,

  1. Add a unique Ticket name.
  1. Add a brief Ticket description. This helps prospects to choose the correct ticket for them.

  1. Select a Ticket type. Applicable only for Hybrid events. Choose from the following options:
    1. In-person
    1. Virtual
  1. Specify the Number of tickets you want available
  1. Enter the Ticket price. You can leave this option blank to create a free ticket. A free ticket does not show the billing details form at the time of payment. This also applies to tickets whose price was brought to ‘0’ through coupons.
  1. Select a Ticket sales start on date from the date picker.
  1. Select a Ticket sales end on date from the date picker.
  1. If you want the ticket hidden from all attendees, toggle off Ticket is active. Defaults to on.
  1. If you want this ticket to be locked and attendees can unlock it only when a coupon is applied, toggle on the Lock ticket.
  1. If you want this ticket to be hidden and shown only when a coupon is applied. Toggle on the Hide ticket.

  1. Toggle on Bulk purchase of tickets is allowed if you want users to purchase a particular ticket type in bulk. Set a minimum and maximum ticket quantity.

Configuring ticket access

Under the Ticket access tab do the following:

  1. Toggle off Make ticket available to everyone. If toggled off, you can make the following settings changes:
    • If you have invite lists created under audiences and you wish to make this ticket only available to a particular invite list or all invite lists, select ‘Selected invite lists only’ checklist.
  1. If you wish to make this ticket accessible to a specific set of email domains (for example,,, under Or, ticket can be accessed by, select Specific email domains. To specify the email domains, enter the domains in a comma-separated format. Choose this option if the list is small. If the list is big, click the Upload CSV button to upload a CSV file with the list of domains.
    email domain.png
  1. Finally, click Create ticket to finish creating this ticket. This publishes the ticket on your registration page. The new ticket appears in the list of tickets as shown here:

Manage Tickets

  • To duplicate an already created ticket, click the more options on a particular ticket and select Duplicate.

    This creates a duplicate of the original ticket, as shown below, which you can edit later.

Note: If you create a duplicate of a ticket, the name is changed from the ticket name to the ticket name (Duplicate).
  • You can also copy the Ticket IDEdit or Delete a ticket.
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