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How to Add Google Analytics Code to an Event Registrations

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Google Analytics is a tool that lets you track and analyze visitor traffic and behavior on your page. Your registration page can be linked with Google Analytics to gain insights from visitor activity and help you meet your goals.

To add tracking to your landing page:

  1. On your Google Analytics dashboard, go to Admin > Property column > Tracking info.
  2. Copy your tracking code. This code is in the below format:

    <!-- Google tag (gtag.js) -->

    <script async src=“”></script>


    window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];

    function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);}

    gtag(‘js’, new Date());

    gtag(‘config’, ‘UA-XXXXXXXXX’);


  3. Now, inside the event setup on Zuddl, go to Registration > Advanced settings.
  4. In the Tracking code section, paste the copied Google analytics tracking code.


This will enable tracking for your registration page. Learn more about how to use the Google Analytics tracking.

Data collection may take up to 30 minutes to begin. Once started, you can use the real-time report on your Google Analytics dashboard to verify that you're receiving data.

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