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How to Set Up Your Registration Page for a Virtual Event in Zuddl

3 mins read
The registration page of your event can be customized with information and visuals that you want to show your participants. 

‚ÄčZuddl offers several template to choose from and customize your registration page. It also provides two Zuddl templates. 
A Basic template which is simplified for visuals, letting you bring focus to your branding and a Sponsor template which has a detailed page with sections for tickets, speakers, schedules, and more.

Under registration page, Zuddl offers a selection of templates based on a particular theme.  
Click on a desired template to view the template on different devices. To custom design the template, click the Use template button which takes you to the landing page builder.

Design your landing page.

Each template follows a particular theme. Zuddl lets you custom design your landing page using the landing page builder. Learn how to use the landing page builder.

choose a template

Branding Zuddl Templates

You can brand Zuddl templates; Basic and Sponsor using default Zuddl settings. Learn how to brand your Zuddl templates.

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