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How to Customize your Registration Form for a Virtual Event in Zuddl

2 mins read

You can add new fields to your registration form as per your event requirements. A two-column page layout lets you add new fields on left panel and preview the form with the new fields in real-time on the right.

Add registration fields

The registration page fields can be customized according to the event needs. Follow these instructions to edit them:

  1. Go to Registration > Form > Form details tab.

    The first three form fields: First name, Last name, and Email are mandatory

  2. Click the +Add field button. This lets you add either a predefined field or a custom field.
  3. Select a field from the Choose a standard field dropdown.
    1. Phone number
    2. Title
    3. Company
    4. Bio
    5. Country
    6. Custom

      form edit.png

  4. Enter a Field name. Defaults to the predefined field name. Field name is mandatory for a Custom field.
  5. Select a field Type. Only for Custom fields. The field types are:
    1. Short Answer (Text): For short text answers
    2. Dropdown: Add dropdown options for attendees to select in a comma-separated format
    3. Multi-select: Add multiple options applicable for attendees in a comma-separated format
    4. Number: Accept only numbers as input
  6. Select/clear the Mandatory checkbox if you want this field to be mandatory for registrants.

This auto-saves the form and you can preview on the right pane. You can follow the same steps to add more fields.

You can also delete a field by clicking the bin icon on each field.


To add or edit disclaimers after the registration fields:

  1. Click +Add disclaimer button.

  2. Enter your disclaimer text.

    You can format the disclaimer text using the rich-text format toolbar.

  3. Select/Deselect the Add a checkbox checkbox if you want registrant to select the checkbox in as a sign of agreement.
  4. Select the Checking is mandatory checkbox if you want the step 3 to be mandatory for registrants.

This auto-saves the disclaimer.

You can also click the bin icon next to a disclaimer to delete it. You can also click and drag the disclaimers to re-order them.

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