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How to Manage Studio Recordings

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All streams are automatically recorded on Zuddl. You can access them from the Recordings tab of the main dashboard.
The Recordings page

Recordings are listed based on the date and time of the recording (oldest first) and have a cover image and the event title.
For every recorded session, Zuddl stores a copy of a recording without any video effects added on Studio (tagged as Raw Recording). This is done for the benefit of editing a session recording and customizing it based on your requirements.

Search for a Recording

Enter the event title (in full or part) in the search bar to filter the list for a specific recording.

Search for a specific recording

Watch a recording

You can watch a recording by clicking on a session recording from the list. This opens the video player with all the playback controls.
Watch a recording

Download a Recording

To download a recording to your system, click the options button on the recording card to open the menu, and click Download recording.
Download a recording

Delete a Recording

To delete a recording from the list, click the options button on the recording card to open the menu, and click Delete recording.
Delete a recording

Deleting a recording permanently deletes the file. The deleted file cannot be retrieved.

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