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Integrate Wistia with Zuddl for an Event in Zuddl

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The Wistia-Zuddl integration lets you automatically sync your Zuddl session recordings onto your Wistia projects for projects specified at the event-level.

The synced session recordings are uploaded with the stage background.

Wistia Dashboard.png



To integrate Wistia into Zuddl there are three steps:

  1. App installation
  2. Event-level integration

Install the app

To install the Wistia app, you need the API Access Password for your Wistia instance.

  1. Go over to your Wistia instance, and navigate to Account > Settings > API Access.

    Wistia Settings.png

  2. Copy your alphanumeric Password for Master token and store it securely in your system.

    Master Tokens.png

  3. Now, go to the Zuddl integration page and click View details on the Wistia card.
  4. Now, click on the Install app button. This initiates the installation process.
  5. In the Wistia API Token field, paste the copied Password from your Wistia account and click Finish.

    Zuddl API.png

    This completes the app installation. Now, in order to start syncing the recordings, you need to enable event-level integration of Zuddl with Wistia.

Event-level Integration

You need to enable event-level integration for every event that requires the session recordings to be synced to Wistia.


Only the videos that were recorded after the integration was setup will be synced to Wistia.


You need a Wistia Project already set up for the event-level integration.


  1. Go to your Zuddl organizer dashboard and go to Integrations.

    Zuddl Integration.png

  2. On the Wistia card,  click Push from Zuddl button and toggle on the integration.

    Wistia Project.png

  3. Choose your Wistia project from the Projects dropdown field and click Save. This completes the event-level integration for your Zuddl event. Now, once your event goes live and is recorded, it gets automatically synced to your Wistia account.

The upload status of the recordings is shown under the Upload tab as shown below:

Upload Status.png

Once the upload is complete the same video appear in the list of video in the selected project

Project Recordings.png

If you delete the recording from Zuddl after upload, the integration does not remove the same video from your Wistia account

Troubleshooting errors

In an unlikely event of an upload failure, you are shown the Retry button which retries uploading the video. Zuddl also sends a mail that contains the recording details to help you resolve any errors in your Wistia instance.


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