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The integration creates a marketing event and new contacts (new email addresses) on HubSpot to display registrant activity data for Zuddl events/webinars.

The entire integration step is broken down into three main steps:

  1. Install HubSpot on Zuddl
  2. Field mapping
  3. Event-level setting

Activities - Webinar/Events

The registrant activities the integration captures are shown below:

Activity Name Events WebinarSync time
New user registration ✔️ ✔️Immediate
Attended ✔️ ✔️5 minutes
Event Polls answered ✔️ ✔️5 minutes
Event Questions Asked ✔️ ✔️5 minutes
Event Questions Upvoted ✔️ ✔️5 minutes
Event CTAs clicked ✔️ ✔️5 minutes
Event VOD Views✔️

Every day at 12:10 AM and 12:10 PM (UTC)
Event Survey Answered✔️

5 minutes
Attended Session Live ✔️ ✔️5 minutes
Attended Discussion Room ✔️ 5 minutes
Attended Booth ✔️ 5 minutes
Event Engagement Time ✔️ ✔️1 hour (after event ends) 
Event Discussion Room Engagement Time ✔️ 1 hour (after event ends)
Event Session Engagement Time ✔️ ✔️1 hour (after event ends)
Event Booth Engagement Time ✔️ 1 hour (after event ends)

Next stepPrerequisites.

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