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How to Change the Registration Style for a Zuddl Webinar

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The registration style determines how attendees enter your webinar. To change, go to Advanced settings > Registration style.

  1. Register and join:

Allow attendees to register using email addresses or via social logins. The registered attendee details appear on the list of invited attendees.

  1. Invite only

Allow only the invited attendees to enter the webinar. Attendees must use the same email address to which the invite has been sent.

  1. SSO only

This option allows attendees to register using SSO credentials before or during the webinar.

Using Magic links

Magic Links are unique links that can be used to join the webinar directly.

Attendee Magic Link

If turned on, Attendees will be mailed a link to join the event directly

Speaker Magic Link

Speakers will be mailed a link to join the event.

Allow joining as a guest.

Guests can enter the webinar anonymously without any registration.

Authentication options

Authentication options are how your attendees and speakers can join your webinar. In Attendee authentication and Speaker authentication, select the options from the list.

Changing authentication modes

Attendee check-in times

You can let attendees log in before the webinar and allow them to stay once it is over.

Decide check-in and staying limit

Google Analytics for tracking registrations

You can add your Google Analytics tracking code to monitor the traffic of visitors entering your webinar.

Adding Google Analytics to your Webinar Registration

Restrict non-business emails or competitors.

You can block non-business domains like Gmail, Yahoo, etc, and filter out just business emails for targetting professional ICPs.

You can also upload a CSV file to block specific email domains from registering for your webinar.

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