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How to Set Up Streaming on Microsoft Teams from Zuddl Studio

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This configuration is a 3-way connection between Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Stream, and Zuddl. In order to relay the Live feed on Microsoft Teams, you have to create a live feed on Microsoft Stream and then share it on Microsoft Teams.

Configuring Zuddl for MS Stream

To go live on Microsoft Stream you need to set up your RTMP server. To set up an RTMP server, you need the following:

  1. RTMP Server URL
  2. Stream Key

You can obtain the above information by creating a live stream event on Microsoft Stream. Learn how to create a live event on Microsoft Stream.

After you’ve created a live event, you need to configure Zuddl as an encoder for your live event:


You need to save the new live event before proceeding with the encoder setup. After you’ve clicked Save live event, the encoder setup option gets enabled.

  1. Select Configure Manually from the Select Encoder dropdown under the Encoder Setup tab,
  2. Toggle off the Secure Connection (SSL) option. This generates an RTMP server URL.
  3. Copy the URL from the Server ingest URL field.

    MS Teams Manual Configuration

  4. Paste the Server ingest URL field into the corresponding field in Zuddl.
  5. On Zuddl, click on the + button to add a destination.

    Add a Destination
  6. Click the + Add destination button.
  7. Select Microsoft Teams from the Conferencing solutions section.

    Microsoft Team option
  8. Enter the Stream Key with any non-empty string, for example, MicrosoftStream.

    Microsoft Stream does not require a stream key to authorize the stream ingest.

  9. Click Add destination. This adds the Microsoft Stream as a destination in Zuddl Studio.

    Add a Destination
  10. When you start your session on Zuddl, you will see a preview of your live session (with a 20-second delay), then click Start Event to go live.

Connect Microsoft Teams to receive live feed  

  1. After you’ve finished setting up, go to My Content > Videos on Microsoft Stream. On the desired event, select the more option and click Share.
  2. Copy the URL from the Direct link to video field.

    Copy URL

  3. Go to Microsoft Teams and click the plus icon on the tab bar.
  4. Select Stream from the Add a tab window and copy the URL.

    Add a Tab

  5. Paste the copied URL and paste it in the direct link section,
  6. Add a Tab name, then click Save.

    Save Stream

This links Microsoft Team with Microsoft Stream. When you start the event, the live feed starts to appear on the team channel.

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