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Zapier Integration - Overview

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The Zuddl-Zapier integration capability helps connect your Zuddl account to your Zapier account to pass the following data to Zapier:
  • Zuddl registrant information
  • Zuddl attendee information
  • Registrant event activity data
  • Registrant event activity data in bulk

You can leverage this data by setting up Zap workflows using triggers to take necessary actions for your business.

Target Audience
The target audience is organizers with a Zapier account or is prospectin to use Zapier for your app that it natively supports.

If you’re new to Zapier and wish to use it to test the integration, you can sign up for their free plan which allows around 100 monthly tasks. Refer to Zapier’s pricing page.

Version History

Presently, a few versions of the Zuddl app are available for use on Zapier. Refer to the table below for the correct app version and its supported capabilities:

App versionFeatureDetails
Zuddl 1.0.0- New RegistrationCapture new registration records
Zuddl 1.1.0- New Registration
- Attendance Information

Capture new registration records and attendee information
Zuddl 2.0.0- New Registration
- Attendance Information
- User Activity
- Bulk User Activity
Capture new registration records, attendee information, user activity, and user activity in bulk.

Activities include:
- CTA clicked
- Question asked
- Poll answered
- Question upvoted
- Joined session
- Joined discussion room
- Joined booth
- Answered survey
- Watched VOD
- Time spent in session
- Time spent in discussion room
- Time spent in booths
- Time spent in event
- Profile updated

How it works

Once a Zap is created and published, Zapier captures the trigger events in Zuddl and performs the actions that you set. The action you wish to perform solely depends on your input design in Zapier. The Zap workflow creation involves the following steps:

  1. Choose app and event. The Zuddl app on Zapier lets you select from 5 triggers events:
    • New Registration
    • Attendee Information
    • User Activity
    • Bulk User Activity
  1. Choose an account.
  1. Add a trigger.
  1. Test the trigger.
  1. Add an action. You can add any action as per your business requirement. In the related articles, we’ve used the ‘Email by Zapier’ app as an example.
For each activity you are required to make a new Zap workflow.


Before you get started, ensure that your Zapier account is all set; go through the quick start guide to set up your account.

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