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How to Embed a Registration Form for a Virtual Event in Zuddl

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In order to craft the perfect registration experience for your potential attendees, you can utilize the embed option that allows you to host the registration form on your webpage without having your users redirect to a separate URL. After you have built the registration form, you can embed the form into your website.

Customize the form

Once the form is created you can customize the design of the form. To customize the form,

  1. Go to Registration > Form.
  2. Under the Embeddable form tab, enter the following:
    1. Font: Choose a suitable font from the list
    2. Button Text: Add a button text for submitting the form. For example, “Submit” or “Save”.
    3. Button color: Select a color for the button from the color picker or add the color hex code.
    4. Button Text color: Select a contrasting text color for the button text. You can use the color picker or add the color hex code.
    5. Button Alignment: Choose the position of the button; Left, Right, Center, or Full-width.
    6. Form error color: Select an error color from the color picker or add the color hex code.

On the preview pane, you can preview the changes you make on the left in real time.

Embeddable form.png

Embedding the form

To embed the form,

  1. Click on the </>Embed icon to view the embeddable link.
  2. Click the Copy button.

    Embed Code.png

  3. Paste the code in your HTML webpage inside the <body> tag.

This embeds the registration form on your website. You can customize the branding of the form based on the destination page. You can also add a logo to the registration form.

All changes made to the form are synced to the embedded form instantly.

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