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How to Create Conditions for your Registration Page

2 mins read
Conditional Registration is a feature that lets you customize your registration form based on certain logic conditions. These conditions can be applied to custom fields only, and you need a minimum of two custom fields to use them.
Follow these steps to set up conditional Registration:
  1. Go to Registration> Form. Under the Form details tab, three fields are added by default: First name, Last name, and Email. These cannot be modified, and conditional logic cannot be applied.

    Add field.png

  2. Click the Add field to create a custom field.
    1. Enter the Field name and choose a field Type from the options in the dropdown menu — Short Answer (Text), Dropdown, Multiselect, and Number.
    2. For the Dropdown or Multiselect field types, enter the Options (comma-separated).
    3. Select the Mandatory checkbox, if required, to make this field mandatory to register.


      Similarly, add one more custom field to enable the Add logic button.

      In the second custom field, click the Add Logic button.

      Add logic.png

      The button is enabled only after all the required information in the field is entered and saved.

      The logic condition is set up in 3 steps:
    4. Select the field the condition is based on from the first dropdown. You can only select custom fields defined above this field in the registration form.

      Select FIeld.png

    5. Select the condition to apply to the field values.
      1. The “ALL OF THE” condition means that all selected values must be chosen to meet the condition.
      2. The “ANY OF THE” condition means that at least one of the selected values must be chosen to meet the need.

        Select Condition.png

    6. Select the values for which the condition is satisfied.

      Select Value.png

      This field is shown to users only when the logic conditions are satisfied.
  3. Click Save to add this logic or Cancel to exit without saving.
To edit the saved logic, click Edit or Remove logic to delete the condition.
Changes made to the order of the fields affect any dependent logic, as logic conditions are applied to each field based on the previous fields in the form.
Warning: It is recommended that you avoid making changes to the form after registrations begin for your event, as this leads to inconsistent analytics reports.

conditional registeration.gif

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