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Widgets - Overview

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Widgets are discrete and interactive components that can be used to customize the Lobby and the Expo booths of your event. Widgets are a great way to improve branding, visibility, and interaction for events.
You can find the Lobby widget setup in Venue Setup > Lobby. Added widgets are listed in the Widgets section.

Add Widget Button.png

You can find the Expo widget setup under Venue Setup > Expo > Edit booth. Added widgets are listed in the Advanced > Widgets section.

Add Widget.png

Click the Add widget button or the highlighted area in the middle of the preview screen to see the Add widget modal. Scroll down to see the types of widgets available:
  • Image
  • Video
  • Carousel
  • Go To Button
  • Hotspot Button
  • Ticker
  • File
  • iframe
  • Text
  • Contact us
  • Coupon (only for expo booths)

Widget List.png

On choosing a widget from the list, a sidebar pop-up helps you configure the widget before adding it to the booth/lobby.

Image Widget.png

In the preview, you can change the position, resize, and test the widget according to your needs.


Widget names are not visible in the attendee or speaker view of the event, and can only be identified by their function.

Editing and Deleting Widgets

Once a widget is created, you can edit or delete it in the widget editor from Advanced > Widgets. Hover over the widget in the list to view the edit and delete buttons.

Widget List.png

You can also click on a widget in the preview and click the options button to start editing the widget.

Widget Preview.png

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