How to Create Custom Emails for Audiences

Zuddl lets you send or schedule emails to a specific audience and broadcast them at a suitable date and time. To create a custom email,
  1. On your Zuddl dashboard, go to Communication > Custom.
  2. Click the + Create new button.

  3. On the Details page, do the following:
    1. Enter a unique Communication name.
    2. Choose Audiences from the dropdown list. The options are populated based on the Default and guest list you create using the Audiences tool. Learn how to create audiences.
    3. Choose a broadcast method. Currently, there is only one option ‘Email,’ so no action is needed from your end.

    4. Under the “When would you like to send this communication?” field, select either of the following options:
      1. Send now: To send the email immediately
      2. Schedule for later: To schedule the email for a later date. You can choose a suitable date and time using a date picker. Depending on the event, your email would be categorized into pre-event, live event, or post-event.
    5. Toggle off/on the communication status to turn the email inactive or active. This determines whether this email would be sent or not—defaults to on.

  4. Now, click Proceed. This redirects you to the edit email flow. Learn how to edit your emails.

  5. Click Proceed. This redirects you to the review stage, where you can review all the email settings. You can go back to edit the email or the email settings.

  6. Click Save. This will trigger the email and add your email to either of the following lists about the timing of the event:
    1. Pre-event: If the email is scheduled before the event date  
    2. Live event: If the email is scheduled during the event
    3. Post-event: If the email is scheduled after the event date