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How to Add a Merchant Account for your Virtual Event in Zuddl

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With a merchant account, you can securely accept payments from your registrants for your ticketed events.


A merchant account lets you securely accept payments from your registrants for your ticketed events. A merchant account can be created only by the organization's admin.


To add a merchant account, follow these steps:
  1. On the Zuddl dashboard, click on General settings.


  2. Click on the Merchant Account tab. It displays all the approved/pending merchant accounts.

  3. Click Add merchant account.
  4. On the Add merchant account form, enter the following details.
    1. Enter the Name (up to 100 characters)
    2. Select the type of Currency
    3. Enter the Stripe Public Key
    4. Enter the Stripe Secret Key
    5. Enter the Fixed charges and Variable charges
    6. Select Tax included in the bill or Tax excluded from the bill
    7. Optional: Enter Tax rate, Tax ID, and Tax name

      You cannot modify the Name, Public Key, Secret Key, and Tax details once approved. However, the fixed and variable charges can only be changed.
  1. After making all the changes, click on the Add account button.
  2. Once you've created the merchant account, it shows up as pending in the list of created merchant accounts.

  3. You can reach out to the Zuddl team via email to approve the created merchant account details.

To create a merchant account, enter valid Stripe account details.

Manage merchant accounts

You can manage the merchant accounts by clicking on the edit and delete buttons:
  1. Go to the General settings page and click the edit button beside the payment details to Edit the merchant account details.

  2. Click on the trash can button to Delete the merchant account permanently.

Event side

  1. On the Zuddl dashboard, create a new flex event. Learn more about creating an event.
  2. On the left side nav of the organizer dashboard, go to Registration>Ticketing and Settings. The approved merchant accounts are shown here.

  3. If you try to switch between the merchant accounts, an error message appears, as shown below.

Ensure that you select a merchant account before creating tickets.
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