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How to Create an Audience Group in an In-person Event in Zuddl

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The ‘Audiences’ tool lets you create user groups based on the different user roles in Zuddl. In simple terms, ‘Audiences’ can also be termed as groups. Once created, you can send custom emails to a specific set of people or manage their access in Zuddl. Learn more about creating custom emails for audiences.

Audience group types

There are two main types of audience groups:
  • Default groups: default groups created by Zuddl based on the Status, Role, and Ticket type (for ticketed events).
  • Custom groups: A user group is created based on specific criteria. Custom groups can be assigned to attendees and speakers. Learn more about creating custom groups.

Default Groups

Under the Audiences tab, audiences are classified based on the following categories:
  • All: This group shows a comprehensive list of users across all audience group types. You can filter the list based on Roles, Status, or a Custom group to search for a particular user.
  • Status: There can be only two audiences for this category, “Attended” and “Not Attended,” which gets created/updated as registrants enter your Zuddl event.


  • Role: The default groups are created based on the predefined roles in Zuddl. When you create a new event, the following groups would be present by default:
    • Organizer: created when an organizer is added to your team in Zuddl
    • Moderator: created when a moderator is added to your team in Zuddl
    • Registrant: created when someone registers for your event in Zuddl
    • Sponsor: when a user (speaker or an attendee) is added as a booth owner
    • Speaker: created when a speaker is added to an event


    • Ticket type: Ticket type group gets added to the list of audience groups if users get registered through a ticketed event.


Each category shows the number of audiences and the total number of users. By clicking on any audience, you can see the list of users and their details, such as Access groups, Ticket type, and Status. You can also Download a list in CSV format for an audience. If an event participant is entitled to any roles in Zuddl, the configured access gets auto-inherited.
  • Role-based groups cannot be removed/deleted.
  • If an audience group has only one user, and if the same user is downgraded/upgraded, the audience group also gets removed.
  • A ticket type of audience group cannot be removed directly from the audience groups.
  • When a ticket type is created, the default ‘Attendee’ group gets replaced with the derived ticket group name. Any changes to the ‘Attendee’ group will be preserved.
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