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How to Create Coupons for a Hybrid Event in Zuddl

2 mins read
Zuddl lets you create coupons for tickets you create on Zuddl. Coupons can be applied to at the time of checkout to redeem a discount on the ticket amount.


Tickets must be created before creating coupons.


To create a coupon:
  1. Login to your Zuddl Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Registration > Tickets and click on the Coupons tab.


  3. Click Create Coupon to get started with creating coupons.
  4. On the Create coupon form enter a desired Coupon code. This is a mandatory step.
  5. Enter a brief Coupon description of 100 characters. For example, “First time coupon”.
  6. Toggle on Active coupon.


  7. Choose the Applicable tickets from the dropdown for which this coupon can be used.
  8. Under Discount, select the Discount type as Percentage or Amount.
    1. For discount as a Percentage, enter a Discount value (in percentage), for example, 30% or 50%, and Max discount amount in the ticket currency. For example, if a ticket price is 10$ with a discount of 50% and a max discount of $10. So if a user buys 4 tickets, the coupon would give a discount of only $10, not $20.
    2. For discount as amount, enter a discount Amount.
  9. Under Coupon usability, toggle on the Make this a single-use coupon to make this coupon as one-time-use coupon.
  10. Add a Ticket limit to how many tickets can be purchased with this coupon.
  11. Toggle on/off Coupon is available to everyone. If toggled off, you can make the following settings changes:
  12. If you have guest lists created under audiences and you wish to make this coupon only available to them, select ‘Guest list only’ checklist under ‘Coupon accessed by’ section.
    1. If you also wish to make this coupon accessible to a specific set of email domains (for example,,, the coupon can be accessed by selecting Email domains. You can specify the list of email domains in the following ways:
      1. Enter the domains in a comma-separated format. Use this if the list is small.
      2. Upload a CSV file with the list of domains. Use this if the list is long.


  13. Once you’ve created the coupon, it appears in the list of created coupons.


Manage Coupons

You can click on the more option for a coupon and  Edit or Delete a coupon. You can also deactivate an account by toggling off the Active Coupon toggle inside the edit coupon page.


You can use the same coupon for multiple events for your organization in Zuddl.
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