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How to Create Custom Emails for Attendees in a Virtual Event

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Zuddl offers a variety of email templates for your event needs on the Communication page of the event setup. However, you can also create and send custom emails.

Create a mailing list

The first step is to select the recipients for the custom email. Follow these steps to choose recipients:
  1. Login to the Zuddl dashboard and create an event. Learn more about creating an event.
  2. In the event setup, go to People > Attendees.
  3. From the Audiences and Status drop-down menu, select from the menu to sort through the attendees and help prepare your list.

    Use filters to prepare the mail list

  4. Click the Email attendees button on the top right corner.

      Start preparing your mailing list

  5. Select recipients by selecting the check boxes next to the attendee’s name.

    Choose the recipient for the email

  6. Click the Create email button to start customizing the email.

    After choosing the mailing list, start creating the email

Create your custom email

After selecting recipients from the Attendees page and clicking Create email, you can set up the custom email.

  1. Edit the Sender name and Email subject as required.
  2. Toggle on Automatic calendar block if you want the email to include a calendar block for your event (not recommended for emails sent after the event starts).
  3. In the Recipients tab, you can view and edit the list of selected recipients.

      Review the list of recipients

  4. Click the Build your email button to start creating the email.

      Start building your custom email

  5. This opens the email builder, where you can create a custom email using various content blocks in the right panel.

    Learn more about using the email builder here.

  6. Once you create the email, click Save. Click Save and exit to save it for a one-time use, or click Save as template to save it as a template that can be reused later.

      Save your email

  7. Review your settings and click Send email to send the custom email to your selected recipients.

Send the email when you're ready

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