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Getting Started on Speaker Portal

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The speaker portal lets your speaker manage their profile, access session details, and add session resources. You can customize the portal design and assign tasks for your speakers while keeping track of their progress.

For larger events with several speakers, managing the speakers, updating their profiles, adding resources they wish to share, and setting up the entire platform could be cumbersome. With the speaker portal option, you can enable your speakers to do the required tasks, such as adding presentations and other resources, updating profiles, and performing other custom tasks.

Enable speaker portal

To enable the speaker portal
  1. Login to your Zuddl dashboard
  2. Go to People > Speakers
  3. Toggle on Enable speaker portal.

This enables the related options to show under speaker portal. A new section 'Speaker portal' is also added under the Portal setup menu.

When a speaker is invited after turning on the speaker portal, the speaker invitation email will have the “Go to portal” button by default. Learn how to customize speaker emails.

The login will happen via magic link automatically irrespective of the speaker magic link toggle. 

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