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Create and Manage Standard Tasks

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By assigning tasks to your speakers, you can allow them to perform expected tasks before the event such as preloading poll questions, adding session related tasks. Zuddl provides certain standard tasks for your speakers which you can quickly create and assign as you configure the portal. 

- Add speakers from the Speakers menu under People section.
- Create sessions from the Event Setup section

Create a standard task

To create a standard task:
  1. Go to the Manage tasks tab.
  2. Click on +Add standard task button

  3. Select the checkbox for the tasks from the list to assign to a speaker. Choose from the following tasks:
    • Add session materials: Upload the materials required for the session attendees 
    • Update profile section: Update your profile details which is used in event websites and posters
    • Preload polls for your sessions: Add polls to use in your session
  4.  Optional. Select Assign selected tasks to speakers added later checkbox. By doing this, speakers who are invited after this task creation will also be assigned this task.

  5. Click Confirm. The newly created tasks get added to the list.

  6. Click the Assign to speakers button to assign a task to a particular speaker.
  7. On the Assign task screen, select a speaker to assign and choose a session. 
  8. Select the session(s) from the Sessions dropdown for which this task is required. This option shows up for session-related tasks. If all sessions are selected, it appears as "All selected".
    Only those sessions are shown in which they are added as a speaker.
  9. Choose a Due by date from the date picker. The Due by date is the date by which the speaker is expected to finish the task. By default, the Due by date is set to the next date at the same time.
    You can go with the default Due date for all speakers or set a custom due date for each speaker. You can also Reset to default from a custom date.
  10. Click Assign task

    This updates the task and shows the progress as shown below:

View responses

For each tasks, you can view response by each speaker:

  1. Click on a particular task from the list, say Add session materials.
  2. Click on the speaker whose response you wish to view. 
You can view the session materials, polls created etc. You can also view responses from other speakers, by clicking Next/Prev.

Session material can also be downloaded from this page.

Select/edit speakers 

To add more speakers, click the Select speakers button

This launches the speaker selection screen. Here you can select more speakers to this task
Speakers who have not made any progress in their tasks can be de-selected from the list as shown in the screenshot above. 

For the speakers who have made some progress in their tasks, you only can edit the sessions for which the particular task is required, provided they are added as speakers to the required session.
Task status
- Pending: Initial state till the task is marked completed
- Completed: Status when the speaker marks the task as completed.
- Overdue: If a pending task's due date has passed. 

Send task reminders

You can click Send task reminder to send reminders to assignees for tasks in progress. This sends an email communication - Task reminder for pending tasks to speakers who haven't submitted this task. Learn how to edit this email.

On the prompt message, click on the Send reminder button.
You can also click the Edit email button which takes you to the editing page for Task reminder for pending task email for speakers.

Un-assign task

To un-assign a task, click the more option button and click the Un-assign task button. 

Delete a task

You can select the Delete task option from the more options to delete a task. 

You cannot delete a task that is already in progress.
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