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How to Set Up Smart Networking for a Hybrid Event in Zuddl

2 mins read

To enable Smart Networking:

  1. Login to the Zuddl dashboard and create an event. Learn more about creating an event.
  2. Go to Venue setup > Networking.
  3. Toggle on Smart networking.

  4. Toggle on Select interests and check the interest options to be made available to attendees. This allows attendees to add their interests to their profiles, which are used to find a suitable match.
    1. Click Edit interests to edit the interest options.
    2. Click and drag the interest tabs to reorder them, or edit the name in the text box.
    3. Click Add interest to add a new interest.
    4. Click Save to save your changes.

      Edit interests

    5. Toggle on Matchmaking filters and select the filters to be made available to the attendees. This filter allows attendees to specify their intent of networking.

    6. Click Edit filters to edit the filter options.
    7. Click and drag the filter tabs to reorder them, or edit the name in the text box.
    8. Click Add Filter, to add a new filter.
    9. Click Save to save your changes.

Attending the event

The attendee flows for Smart Networking is shown below:

  1. The attendee reaches the Networking venue from the main menu and views the Recommended Profiles card.
  2. If their profile information is updated, Zuddl directly starts searching for recommended profiles that match their needs.
  3. On clicking a person’s profile card, attendees can start a private chat or set up a meeting with them.

    Recommended Profiles.png


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