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How to Enable Leaderboard for a Hybrid Event in Zuddl

2 mins read
A leaderboard is one of the many features Zuddl offers that aims to increase engagement among the attendees of your event. A leaderboard allows attendees to earn points for completing specific actions in a particular venue in an event, such as joining a live expo in a booth or answering a poll on stage.
To add a leaderboard:
  1. Login to the Zuddl dashboard and create an event. Learn more about creating an event.
  2. Go to Venue Setup > Engagement. The leaderboard toggle is turned on by default.
  3. Click Customize Leaderboard.

    Leaderboard Toggle.png

  4. On the point distribution setup table, for each venue, select the tasks (under the Items column) for the attendees and allocate scores for the same (under the Points column).

    Customize Leaderboard.png

    You can set a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 90 points for each task. For every participant, 10 points are added by default for the first time they log in to the event.
  5. Turn off/on Show score distribution to attendees toggle as required.
  6. Click the Save button.

    Click on the Archive leaderboard to reset the allocated points.

The leaderboard displays the ranks of the attendees based on the points earned and motivates attendees to engage more.

Leaderboard in the Live Side.png

The point distribution table shows the points associated with each task to your attendees at the event.
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