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How to Create and Assign Tasks for Sponsors

4 mins read

Follow these steps to create, assign, and manage tasks:

  1. To manage tasks, go to People > Sponsors > Manage tasks tab.
  1. To create a new task, click on the “Add new task” button and choose from the two available options:
    1. Create a custom task: This lets you create a custom task for sponsors.

      Follow these steps to set up a custom task:

      1. In the Create new task modal, add a Task title (up to 100 characters).
      1. Add a task Description (up to 500 characters).
      1. Set a Due by (date and time) for the task.
      1. Add Fields to the task as required. You can add multiple fields if required in a single task. Fields can be of two types - Text response or Upload file.

      1. Click Select sponsors to choose the sponsors to assign this task. In the popup, select the checkboxes against the sponsors to select those sponsors. You can also change the due date against an individual sponsor. Once done, click on the “Confirm selection” to select the sponsors.
      1. To automatically assign this task to any new sponsors, check the box for Assign this task to sponsors added later.
      1. Click Create task to save this custom task.
      1. This custom task can now be tracked from the Manage tasks page. The task progress shows how many assigned sponsors have completed the task. You can also edit/delete the task from any sponsor using the more options (3-dots) menu.

    1. Add standard task: This lets you choose from a list of available standard tasks. Clicking on a standard task takes the sponsor to the specific section of the portal relevant to the task, and they need to be marked as completed manually. From the popup, choose the tasks you want to assign to sponsors and click Confirm.
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