How to Build a Landing Page for a Zuddl Event

It is essential to have a well-designed landing page for your event to promote it to your audience and eventually increase website conversion. With the landing page builder, you can quickly create your landing page for registration without coding or manually designing it.

This guide walks you through the steps to create a landing page for your event. While the landing page builder can be used by anyone, folks with web designing experience can use this feature.


To create a custom landing page,

  1. On your Zuddl organizer dashboard, go to Registration.
  2. Click on Create New Page. This displays a list of predefined templates. There are seven new templates and two legacy templates (Basic and Sponsor). You can also choose to start from scratch using a blank template. Each template has a specific style or theme. However, you can fully customize any template.
  3. To get started, hover over any template you think would suit your website and click Use template. This takes you to the editor page.

    Create New Landing page.png

All templates except Basic and Sponsor take you to the new editor page. The Basic and Sponsor templates redirect the user to the old editor.  

Editor overview

Getting acquainted with the editor layout is essential so you can quickly design your landing page. The table below enlists all the functions in the editor which you can quickly see.

Location Function Description
Topbar Page switcher Jump to the different pages of your site
Topbar Device Layout options Desktop, Tablet, or Mobile
Topbar Undo and Redo
Topbar Preview Open a preview of your landing page
Topbar Publish/Republish Publish or republish your site after you've made the changes.
Topbar Home button This redirects you back to the Zuddl Registration page
Topbar Info section Show the landing page URL and the status
Sidebar Global design Customize the design of your landing page
Sidebar Pages Add, move, or reorder pages
Sidebar Widgets Drag and drop widgets into your landing page
Sidebar SEO & Settings SEO and general site settings

In the middle, you have the content editor. You can edit everything that you see here. You drag and drop the widgets or click on them to view the editing options.