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App Setup guide - Zebra Printer Setup Utility App

3 mins read
Once your Zebra printer is set up and ready, you can begin installing the setup app. This article explains how to set up your Zebra setup app.

1. Install the Zebra printer setup app

Refer the supported Zebra model and download and install the Zebra Printer Setup Utility from the provided links. 


Zebra Printer Setup Utility

Google PlayStore

Zebra Printer Setup Utility
Apple AppStore

2. Find your printer

  1. Open the app and click on “Discover printers”.

  2. Ensure your printer is connected to the router and your mobile device/iPad is on the same network.
  3. Select the printer that appears in the list with its IP address.

3. Printer configuration

Once selected, the Printer Configuration page will open.

4. Media settings configuration

To configure media settings:
  1. Select “Media Settings”.
  2. If you have previously calibrated the printer using the calibration button, the media type, width, and length of the label should already be set.
  3. Review and adjust the Width and Length of the label if necessary. 
  4. Set Orientation to “Normal”.
  5. Click “Next”.

Media settings - overview

This section gives an overview of the available media settings in the app.
  • Media Type: Set automatically during calibration. Options include:
    • Gap: For media with gaps or notches between labels
    • Black Mark: For media with black marks on the back
    • Continuous: For continuous roll media without gaps or marks

  • Type of Transfer:
    • Thermal Transfer: Uses a ribbon to transfer ink onto the label
    • Direct Thermal: Uses heat-sensitive media, no ribbon required

  • Media Handling: Most settings are set automatically during calibration. Options include:
    • Cutter: Cuts each label after printing
    • Tear Off: Feeds the printed label to the tear-off bar for manual removal
    • Peel Off: Peels the label from its liner and presents it to the user while rewinding the liner inside the printer
    • Rewind: Rewinds the printed labels (or the liner) onto a core inside the printer
    • Delayed Cut: Cuts the label after a specified delay post-printing
    • Stream: Continuous printing without cutting or tearing, often feeding directly to another process or device
Click “Apply” to save the settings.

Adjust print quality

To adjust print quality:
  1. Select “Manually adjust” to configure Print Speed and Darkness.
  2. Print Speed: Adjusts the speed of printing. Ranges from 2 ips to 12 ips, depending on the printer model. Lower speeds improve quality for detailed graphics or small text.
  3. Print Darkness: Controls the print’s darkness by adjusting the heat from the printhead. Ranges from 0 to 30. Increase for darker, more defined prints; decrease if prints are too dark or bleeding.

Next step: App Setup Guide

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