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2. Install Marketo on Zuddl

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Before integrating your Marketo instance with Zuddl, you must install the Marketo app on your Zuddl account.

Installation involves the following:
  • Authentication
  • Custom activity mapping
  • Registration data update settings


  • If you wish to pass attendee activity data, you need to create or map existing custom activities (so keep them handy)
  • If you wish to pass magic link data, you need the magic link field ready in the program members section.

Ensure that you add them before installing the app on Zuddl. To create a custom activity, go to Admin > Data Management > Marketo Custom Activity > New Custom Activity.


To connect:
  1. On the Zuddl dashboard, go to the event listing page > Integration.
  2. On the Marketo card, click View details.
  3. On the Marketo integrations page, click Install app.


  4. On the Marketo authentication screen, click Add a new account in the dropdown option. This takes you through the login process.
  5. Create a new authentication. On the Create a new authentication screen, paste the stored values in their respective fields.
    • Enter an authentication name.
    • Paste the copied API endpoint domain
    • Paste the Client ID.
    • Paste the Client Secret.


      You can obtain these data from your Marketo instance by following the prerequisite instructions.

    1. After you’ve entered all the fields, click Create. This successfully creates an authentication for your Marketo account on Zuddl. Your connected account appears selected in the dropdown, as shown in the screenshot below:


      This completes the authentication process to connect to your Marketo account.

  6. Custom Activity Mapping. Custom Activity Mapping is done to receive the registration and attendee activity data captured by Zuddl. There are two Zuddl activities:
    • Zuddl Event User Profile: to pass the “Registered” and “Attended” activity for a registrant.
    • Zuddl Event User Activity: to pass activity data of an attendee inside an event, such as polls answered, questions upvoted, room duration, and more.


    1. You need to map these Zuddl Activities to corresponding Marketo activities, and the captured data is stored in the Lead Activity Log.

      If you don’t have a suitable activity to map Zuddl activities, you have to create a custom activity manually from Admin > Data Management > Marketo Custom Activity > New Custom Activity.


      Note: Ensure that you approve the activity on Marketo to be able to view it on Zuddl.

      You can also delete the mapping by clicking the Bin icon and add a new mapping by clicking the Add a new mapping button.

      Warning: If no activity type is mapped, Zuddl event activities won’t flow into Marketo.

    2. Optional step. In the Person Source field, enter “Event” or a suitable input to imply the source of the lead is a Zuddl event.
    3. Click Next.
  7. In the next step
    1. If a custom field for Magic Link is created in your program member object, enter the API name of the field on the Enter field name (API name) to pass the attendee magic link. This is used for sending emails with magic link through Marketo for attendees to join the event/webinar.


      Note: On your Marketo instance, you can find the custom field in Admin > Field Management. Search for the field on the right-side navigation bar. Click on the field to view the details. Now, you can copy the API name as shown below:


      Warning: The integration does not accept the field name as a valid input and only requires the API name for this mapping.

    2. Select the “Pass registration data updates (attendee profile data & organizer data) to Marketo based on field update policies” checkbox. This allows Zuddl to update both new and existing leads with any changes in Zuddl registration data based on field update policies.

      registration data updates.png

    3. Click Next.
  8. Workflow URLs. On the Workflow URLs screen copy the Marketo > Zuddl Registration Public URL (using the copy to clipboard button) and store it securely. This URL is required to set up a webhook in the Marketo to Zuddl flow.

    This completes the integration setup. Now you need to perform field mapping.

Next step: Field mapping

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